Professor Motomura featured in Multiple Outlets as One of Top Law Professors in Nation

November 7, 2014 — Professor Hiroshi Motomura was featured in The National Law Journal, which notes that he helps former students network and find places for themselves within the profession. The article also published in the Legal Intelligencer.

Hiroshi Motomura is more than a law professor to Angelo Mathay, a 2012 graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles School of Law. Former students like Mathay continue to rely on the immigration law expert's advice and professional contacts.

"He is sort of the director of my career at this moment," said Mathay, an analyst at the Migration Policy Institute's National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy in Washington. "He's very good at making sure his students are in the positions they want to be in their careers. And I feel as though, by virtue of being his student, I've been afforded a place in a network here in D.C."

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