Ethan Elkind Interviewed on KPCC About Proposed CEQA Changes

December 4, 2014 – Ethan Elkind, associate director of of the Climate Change and Business Program, discussed proposed changes to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in a KPCC interview. The changes would shift the focus from looking at how urban developments can affect traffic density towards how urban developments clustered near transit hubs can decrease the number of cars on the road.  

“This is an area of CEQA that is really anti-environmental in a lot of ways. It’s a transportation analysis. If you have a project it has to undergo a traffic study that would look at is there going to be any delay for automobiles in the immediate project area. That often discourages development from happening near transit, near existing shops and services where people could walk or bike, and pushes development out into far-flung areas. Even though it’s going to help projects in those outlying areas, it’s going to drive up traffic overall. Across the region you’ll see a lot more cars on the road because it’s going to drive people out to live and work in projects that are far from existing transit and infrastructure.”

Listen to the interview.