Food Law in the United States by Michael T. Roberts

food lawAs the modern food system continues to transform food-its composition, taste, availability, value, and appearance-consumers are increasingly confronted by legal and regulatory issues that affect us all on a daily basis. In Food Law in the United States, Michael Roberts addresses these issues in a comprehensive, systematic manner that lays out the national legal framework for the regulation of food and the legal tools that fill gaps in this framework, including litigation, state law, and private standards. Covering a broad expanse of topics including commerce, food safety, marketing, nutrition, and emerging food-systems issues such as local food, sustainability, security, urban agriculture, and equity, this book is an essential reference for lawyers, students, non-law professionals, and consumer advocates who must understand food law to advance their respective interests.


  • The first comprehensive treatise on food law in the United States
  • Includes a detailed description of American food regulation and the tools that fill its gaps including litigation, state law, and private standards
  • Covers hot-button debates including genetically modified food labeling and restrictions on sugary beverages

Praise for the Book

"A valuable and significant contribution from a leadingfigure infoodlaw."
--Neal D. Fortin, Director, Institute for Food Laws and Regulations, Michigan State University; Director, Masters Program in Global Food Law, Michigan State University College of Law; and author of Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice

"Afirstof its kind - it is destined to be the standard referenceforanyone working in thefield of food law."
--Jacob E. Gersen, Affiliated Professor of Government, and Director of the Food Law Lab, Harvard Law School

"A comprehensive and engaging review of all aspects of food law.From colorful historical examples to timely hot topics, Roberts takesa broad perspective that shows both the evolution and the importanceof food law. "
--Miriam Guggenheim, Partner, Food and Beverage Practice, Covington and Burling LLP

"Well-organized and readable, the Roberts treatise delivers a valuableand timely resourcefor unpacking the complexframework of food law. It will be helpful to a wide range of audiences."
--Susan A. Schneider, William H. Enfield Professor of Law and Director of the LL.M. Program in Agricultural and Food Law, University of Arkansas School of Law

Book Information

January 2016 | 470 pages | 7 b/w illus. 3 tables | Paperback | 978-1-107-54576-2 | List price: USD 74.99 - Discounted Price: USD 59.99

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