Professor Winkler Interviewed by Bloomberg Law on Latest Gun Regulation News From Senate

June 22, 2016—Professor Adam Winkler was interviewed by Bloomberg Law about the latest gun regulation news from the Senate. Professor Winkler discusses the Collins Bill, which would use certain FBI terrorist watch lists as a basis for determining who would ineligible to purchase a variety of assault weapons. The denial of firearm purchase would then trigger judicial processes that would enable someone to challenge their inclusion on the watch-list and win legal fees from the government if they are wrongly denied the ability to purchase guns. Professor Winkler was joined by John Donohue, a professor at Stanford Law School.

“I think that the Collins Bill is a step towards more due-process protections than was available under the democrat or Feinstein proposal that vested all the authority in the attorney general,” said professor Winkler.

Listen to the Interview Here.