Professor Winkler Talks to Mercury News About Personal FBI Investigations and Your Ability to Buy Firearms

June 15, 2016—Professor Adam Winkler was quoted by Mercury News in an article addressing how Omar Mateen, perpetrator of the attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, could have purchased the firearm he used to murder 49 people and wound more than 50 others. Mateen had been investigated by the FBI for suspected ties to Islamic terrorist groups prior to the attack but was never convicted of any federal or state crimes. Despite a history of being investigated by law enforcement, Mateen was eligible to purchase the firearm that he used in the shooting from an Orlando firearms store.

 Professor Winkler argues that being subject to these investigations alone shouldn’t automatically disqualify someone from ever purchasing a firearm: “Just because someone looks into whether you've done something wrong, doesn't mean you should be penalized, especially if they clear you."


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