Professor NeJaime Quoted by The Christian Science Monitor on WA Florist’s Refusal to Serve Gay Customer

July 13, 2016—Professor Douglass NeJaime was quoted by The Christian Science Monitor about a Washington lawsuit filed against a florist who refused service to a gay couple looking to order custom arrangements for their wedding. Although the florist, Barronelle Stutzman, had worked with Robert Ingersoll before, she refused to provide arrangements to the couple’s wedding because she believes that it would have challenged her religious faith. Professor NeJaime holds that Stutzman's prior work with Ingersoll does not absolve her from her subsequent refusal to handle the flowers at his wedding.


"When someone discriminates against a same-sex couple, they are engaging in sexual-orientation discrimination," Professor NeJaime says. "It is not a response to say, 'I'm willing to serve the gay person but not willing to serve the gay couple.' "


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