Professor Volokh Talks to The Globe and Mail On Ohio’s ‘Open Carry’ Gun Law Security Concerns at RNC

July 18, 2016—Professor Volokh was quoted by The Globe and Mail on security concerns created by Ohio’s ‘open carry’ gun law at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. It is up to the state legislator whether a temporary suspension on open carry law for any event will be implemented. Professor Volokh and other experts are concerned that some attendees might chose to open carry at events such as the Citizens for Trump rally to make a political point which could cause tension in an already tense environment.   

“The concern isn’t that ordinary people will, just as part of their daily lives, be engaged in open carry because they want to be able to defend themselves,” Professor Volokh said. “The concern is there are going to be some people out there who are going to open carry precisely because they’re trying to make a political point.”

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