Cataloging Legal Literature, Fourth Edition

Cataloging Legal Literature Beck LembkeWhile RDA (Resource Description and Access), the new descriptive cataloging standard, may leave many decisions to the cataloger’s judgment, ­the ­past ­two decades ­have ­witnessed significant developments on the national scene which encourage compliance with national standards. A cataloging center’s participation in a bibliographic utility, in cooperative cataloging programs such as CONSER, BIBCO or NACO, requires conforming to the MARC formats and Library of Congress-PCC practices. To assist the law cataloger in preparing catalog records which meet these standards, Cataloging Legal Literature, 4th Edition (CLL4) describes the authors' understanding of the current descriptive and subject cataloging practices for legal materials. Throughout the manual, illustrations of descriptive or subject cataloging and MARC tags are offered.­ Examples ­of ­subject­cataloging­ are ­based on ­guidelines ­published in the Library of Congress' Subject Cataloging Manual (SCM), as well as identifying Library of Congress practices for assigning subject headings.


Melody Busse Lembke is the Associate Law Librarian for Technical Services at the University of California, Irvine School of Law.

Melissa Beck is the Head of Cataloging at UCLA School of Law.

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