Professor Volokh Quoted in Teen Vogue on ABA’s Adoption of Rule Banning Sexist Language in Courtrooms

August 10, 2016 – Professor Eugene Volokh was quoted in an article in Teen Vogue, the Christian Science Monitor, and Consultor Juridico on the American Bar Association’s adoption of a rule that will bar sexist language in courtrooms. The rule comes in response to female lawyers’ complaints of sexist remarks and gestures while they’re trying to argue cases.

"Many people pointed out possible problems with this proposed rule — yet the ABA adopted it with only minor changes that do nothing to limit the rule’s effect on speech," Professor Volokh wrote in his blog in the Washington Post.  "My inference is that the ABA wants to do exactly what the text calls for: limit lawyers’ expression of viewpoints that it disapproves of." 

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