Professor Zasloff Cited in New York Times on Urban Developments in the City of Los Angeles

September 23, 2016 – Professor Jonathan M. Zasloff was cited in a New York Times article discussing the controversy surrounding recent urban developments in the city of Los Angeles. This debate examines disputes on height and neighborhood character; the influence of big-money developers on City Hall; and, most of all, what Los Angeles should look like a generation from now.

“Los Angeles was built as a suburban city — it was always put forth as a suburban city,” said Professor Zasloff. “You could be in the city and still be in the country at the same time. So when you got a situation where it’s now a city that looks very different, the people who like the old way are trying to stop it from changing.”

“When you have the average renter paying nearly half of his income in rent, that is just unsustainable,” he added. “It’s unsustainable for a city that wants to be a healthy city. You can’t have a healthy city without a healthy middle class. And they have to have a place where you can afford to live.”

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