Professor Steven Bank comments on Senators Feinstein and Murray’s Letter to MLS Commissioner Don Garber Regarding Pay Inequality Allegations

October 6, 2016—Professor Steven Bank was cited in the Philadelphia Inquirer in response to the ongoing debate between the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team and the U.S Soccer Federation regarding a complaint over pay inequality. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Patty Murray, who are both women’s rights and gender equality activists, sent a letter to MLS Commissioner Don Garber asking him to provide details on how the finances at Soccer United Marketing are organized.

Professor Steven Bank was quoted as saying, "If SUM simply refused to comply, it would risk the Senators seeking a formal Committee investigation and a subpoena," and therefore should not decline the request. "That requires some process, but these Senators could certainly raise that as a legitimate threat. As a result, I expect SUM will provide a response of some kind, although the fact that this is already the subject of an active EEOC investigation (I believe it's still active) will likely color the response," says Bank. 

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