Professor Volokh Cited in The Guardian on Controversial Remarks of Conservative Sheriff

October 17, 2016—Professor Eugene Volokh was cited in The Guardian on how David A. Clarke, a prominent conservative sheriff of Milwaukee County, condemned the government and media in a way that echoed the increasingly heated rhetoric of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In a viral tweet, Clarke paired what appeared to be an accusation of the corruption in most of the United States government with a photoshopped image of a crowd of people carrying burning sticks and pitchforks.

Professor Volokh said, “it has to be a situation where you’re talking to a crowd and you’re trying to get them to do something right now. I don’t think anyone looking at this would say, ‘Wow, he’s really asking me to show up with pitchfork and torches outside of the newspaper and burn it down’. I don’t think anyone would interpret it that way, especially in light of the photo.”

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