Professor Volokh Comments in Los Angeles Times on Nationally Controversial Cookie Monster Character

October 17, 2016—Professor Eugene Volokh commented in the Los Angeles Times on how 52-year-old Adam Sandler (his legal name, but no relation to the comic actor), who dresses up as the Cookie Monster character, has been dubbed a serial troublemaker from New York to San Francisco, and now L.A. He has been caught on video making anti-Semitic rants, got caught up in an extortion case involving the Girl Scouts and was accused of threatening to beat up another Cookie Monster.

“If you want to follow the law, his speech is constitutionally protected,” said Professor Volokh. “If he threatens another person or if he does anything else illegal, he can certainly be prosecuted for that. But he needs to be prosecuted for the constitutionally unprotected material, not anything that’s constitutionally protected.”

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