Colloquium Brings Leading IP Scholars to UCLA Law

Offering a close examination of the leading issues in copyright law, in November the Ziffren Center hosted the Entertainment, Media, and Intellectual Property Colloquium ,featuring presentations by UC Berkeley School of Law professor Peter Menell, professor Christopher Buccafusco of Cardozo Law School, professor Zahr Said of University of Washington School of Law, and University of Pennsylvania School of Law professor Shyam Balganesh.

Menell presented a lengthy study of Oracle v. Google, concerning the copyrightability of computer program method headers. Buccafusco's talk offered highlights of his paper, co-authored by Mark Lemley of Stanford Law School and Jonathan Masur of University of Chicago School of Law, focusing on overlapping intellectual property protections for designs. Said presented the results of her empirical study of intellectual property norms and sharing of information among craft beer producers in Seattle. Balganesh's presentation, which will be part of a forthcoming book, traces the evolution of American copyright law against the backdrop and influence of successive schools of American legal thought.

The Entertainment, Media, and Intellectual Property Colloquium, co-taught by UCLA Law professors Neil Netanel and David Nimmer, is a seminar that offers students the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge scholarship in the field. During fall semester, students read and present reaction papers to leading scholars’ works-in-progress. The school shares these papers with the scholars so they can have the benefit of our students’ comments in revising their work. The scholars then come to UCLA to present their papers in a daylong workshop, featuring invited commentary from professors from UCLA and other Southern California law schools. Students actively participate in the lively discussion that ensues.

The discussion continues during the spring semester when students have an opportunity to share their own research papers.