Resnick, Harvard Launch Food Law Blog

20180301 Food Law Blog

The Resnick Center for Food Law and Policy and Food Law Lab at Harvard University have launched On Food Law, a food law and policy blog intended to be a forum for food law scholars, policymakers, media, the food industry, and members of the public.

Food is, at once, a very personal and very political topic. The things we consume, from morning coffee to late-night snacks, come to us as they are as the result of an elaborate web of legal regulations. A major goal of On Food Law is to build an understanding of the law of food, and ultimately improve both the law and our food by fostering and amplifying the conversation among stakeholders including industry, activists, academics, and politicians. Authors of blog entries include members of the Food Law Lab and Resnick Center, other faculty, staff and students at Harvard Law and UCLA Law, as well as other scholars, policymakers and individuals with ideas that may affect the food system. The blog also cross-posts to other blogs and relevant publications.

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