Behind The Scenes: A Sneak Peek Into Legal Careers at NBCUniversal

20180911 Behind the Scenes Universal
L-R: Joe Ford Jr., Andrea Brizuela, Ian Slotin, and Gail Porter

A cohort of top legal representatives from NBCUniversal visited UCLA School of Law on Sept. 5 for a panel entitled A Sneak Peek Into Legal Careers at NBCUniversal. The heavily attended event, co-sponsored by the Ziffren Center for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law, was one of the first stops for company officials as they increase their efforts to raise brand awareness and identify talent to add to their ranks.

The panel included Ian Slotin, NBC Universal's Senior Vice President for Intellectual Property; Andrea Brizuela, Associate Counsel, Creative Content Production; Joe Ford, Sr. Counsel, Content & Production Risk; and was moderated by NBC Universal Senior Counsel Gail Porter. Porter facilitated a conversation that delved deep into the expansive and diverse roles attorneys play behind the scenes for NBCUniversal, which operates cable and television networks, a film studio, theme parks and more.

After the panel, students asked the media attorneys about their careers, NBCUniversal, and the entertainment industry as a whole. The speakers remained transparent throughout, offering great insight into the challenges and successes of entertainment attorneys. The company invited each student who asked a question to a coffee chat with a member of the company's Legal Diversity Committee to further the conversation. At the conclusion of the event, the panelists availed themselves to students who wished to ask more questions.