Santa Monica Big Blue BusSeveral alternative means of transportation to and from campus other than driving a car are available. An excellent public bus line system connects UCLA to Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills, and most of the greater Los Angeles area. Bus service on the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus is currently offered for $.50 a ride during the school year to all UCLA students, faculty, and staff. Visit or call (310) 451-5444 for more information. We are fortunate to have the primary bus station for these systems just a few hundred feet from the Law building. Bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles are other popular ways to get to campus; there are free parking areas on campus specifically marked and equipped for these vehicles. Many students form or join UCLA carpools and vanpools to save time and money and make the daily commute more pleasant; the law school hosts a web-based service (available in June) to help students organize carpools.

For information regarding the BruinGo! Transit Pass Program, click here.
For information regarding the Big Blue Bus, click here.
For information regarding the Culver CityBus, click here.

A limited number of individual parking permits are available to students for main campus structures/lots and off-campus peripheral areas (serviced by free shuttle buses). Parking assignments are based on a number of factors, including the distance a student lives from campus, employment obligations, and other transportation and educationally related factors. Unfortunately, not all students who request an individual permit can be offered space.


UCLA Parking kioskEach June, students can apply for individual parking permits via the Parking Services web site. The interactive request form for student parking is easy, convenient and available 24 hours a day. The UCLA Parking Services Office will not accept late applications.  For a parking application, please click here.


Traffic imageStudents who qualify for a valid carpool are guaranteed parking at a discounted rate provided they apply by the posted deadline. Each group needs to submit carpool parking applications together (stapled together) by mail or in person. Carpool permits are assigned on a quarterly basis and are not renewable – new applications are required each quarter.

To assist our law students in forming carpools, the law school has provided an area online (available in June) where interested participants may exchange information and identify potential carpool-mates.


Students admitted after the parking deadline must submit a parking appeal by the posted deadline. Submit an appeal form along with an application and the required supporting documentation to Parking Services for consideration. Appeal forms are available in person or via mail at Parking Services, 555 Westwood Plaza, LA, CA 90095. Appeals will be considered in September (deadline date to be determined) or until space is no longer available. For more information about UCLA Parking Services Appeals, click here


If you plan to apply for a parking permit for Fall and/or Spring semester, be sure to do so by the Fall deadline. Do not wait until the Spring semester application deadline. There will be fewer parking spaces available by then and the competition for those spots will be fierce.

Meeting Parking Services deadlines is extremely important. They will not consider late or postmarked applications, nor are they likely to forgive late renewals or payments. Law students should mark their calendars and abide by their deadlines. Students are responsible for keeping track of important dates and deadlines. 

If offered parking for both semesters, we strongly encourage law students to pay for both semesters, for what is otherwise known as an annual permit. Many law students miss the renewal payment deadlines or application deadlines for the Spring semester and lose their parking permit.