Reentry Legal Clinic

The collateral consequences of contact with the criminal justice system are far-reaching and create serious barriers to basic necessities such as securing employment, housing, education, vocational training, and loans. As a result, criminal records interfere with people's ability to support themselves and their families, which disempowers these people and their communities and increases recidivism. The Reentry Legal Clinic prepares expungement petitions and takes advantage of existing legal means to clear criminal records. Because of the vast number of people who come in contact with the criminal justice system every year, there is overwhelming demand for these services. The Reentry Legal Clinic is affiliated with the Critical Race Studies program, and partnered with A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project, a trusted community resource that provides legal services and advocacy to alleviate the burdens of mass incarceration. Our volunteers work directly with clients preparing petitions and declarations that will be submitted to a judge. They are trained by attorneys from A New Way of Life on how to analyze complex court dockets, conduct effective client interviews with compassion and sensitivity, prepare expungement petitions, and write client declarations. Students then have the opportunity to apply these skills at our monthly clinics on Saturdays while receiving continued support from experienced volunteers and supervising New Way of Life attorneys.

Clinic Chairs
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