Preparing Scholars for Distinguished Academic Careers

The most advanced degree program at UCLA Law, the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) is designed for those seeking to pursue careers as teachers and scholars of law.

Apply to the SJD Program

The Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) Degree Program is designed for those seeking to pursue careers as teachers and scholars of law. This highly selective program is open only to applicants who possess a distinguished prior academic record in law, show promise of outstanding scholarship, and demonstrate a high potential for completing a scholarly dissertation of required quality. Applicants must hold a J.D. degree or foreign equivalent and an LL.M. degree (or be enrolled in a program leading to an LL.M. degree).

The S.J.D. Program provides a unique opportunity for outstanding international law graduates to study at the UCLA School of Law. In the sixty years since its foundation, UCLA School of Law has grown to an institution of over 1,000 students and approximately 100 full and part-time faculty members. It is recognized by academic surveys to be among the twenty best law schools in the United States. The school is particularly noted for the unsurpassed expertise of its faculty, whose intellectual strength is balanced by commitments to improved instructional programs and an active recognition of social responsibilities.

UCLA is the premier university in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, a dynamic, cosmopolitan cultural center of more than ten million people. A vital part of the nine-campus University of California system, UCLA has reached national prominence in a variety of disciplines and consistently ranks in the top half-dozen universities in the nation, as judged by its academic peers and in terms of fellowships and grants awarded. UCLA enrolls approximately 45,000 students across 13 schools and colleges, in over 100 academic departments, and in 23 research units. Its 19 libraries, special collections, and archives hold approximately 12 million print and electronic volumes.

Our distinguished law faculty help prepare these students across an extensive range of law subjects -- using a variety of effective and often interdisciplinary approaches to teaching -- for outstanding careers in academia, transactional and litigation practices, government, international and domestic public policy, business, and nonprofit public interest arenas.

Those who ultimately join us can look forward to a promising future for themselves and for those whom they will teach, inform, and represent.

  • Student Life

    At UCLA Law, S.J.D. students are part of a diverse, vibrant, and thriving international graduate community, comprised of the best and brightest students from around the globe. Our select group of S.J.D. students - alongside members of the LL.M. community – hail from cultures near and far, representing over 30 different countries each year. Upon completion of the program, our students transition into the next phase of their professional careers having developed strong friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. S.J.D. students will also get to know and work closely with our faculty, who are accessible, open and who create a flourishing collegial environment at the law school. As an S.J.D. student, you are in for one of the most intellectually stimulating, memorable, and exciting times of your life, and we look forward to welcoming YOU to the Bruin family.

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