Los Angeles has cultivated a famous car culture, but there are excellent alternative means of transportation to the UCLA campus and surrounding neighborhoods. For a comprehensive and in-depth overview of transportation, including campus maps, explore more:


Transportation Resources

  • Bus Systems and Public Transit

    An efficient and user-friendly bus system connects UCLA to the greater Los Angeles area. Staples of transit at the University are the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus and the BruinBus shuttle service. One of the primary UCLA stops for these systems is just a few hundred feet from the UCLA Law building.


  • Carpools and Vanpools

    UCLA commuters save money and shed stress by sharing rides with fellow Bruins. Those participating in ride pools are eligible for discounted parking permits.


    • Parking

      Parking is at a premium on the UCLA campus. A limited number of individual parking permits are available to students for main campus structures and affiliated lots. The parking application process is strict and competitive, and we strongly recommend that UCLA Law students read the university's parking information thoroughly and apply early.

      Bicycles, motorcycles and scooters are popular and efficient ways to get to and around campus. UCLA offers free parking for these vehicles in specifically designated areas.

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