Health Law Society

Mission: The mission of the Health Law Society (HLS) is to raise the profile of health law issues at the School, and to provide exposure to the field and opportunities for students interested in studying and pursuing careers in health law. Healthcare is a highly regulated industry, and with the new health reform bill, the law concerning healthcare is growing and changing. This means that health law is an exciting area of study as well as a great field for lawyers to enter into. 

Reflecting this trend, UCLA has been adding to its health law curriculum with courses offered by Professor Hoffman in Health Insurance Reform and Health Law and Policy. We would like to supplement this curriculum by bringing in experts to discuss various components of health law and enlighten students on relevant issues. We will also strive to enhance the employment prospects for students interested in health law by bringing potential employers to network with students. HLS will heighten the profile of UCLA as an attractive choice for prospective students in health law and will strengthen connections between the school and the legal community.

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Sep 17, 2021

Brad Sears Writes an Op-Ed in the Houston Chronicle on the Need to Pass the Equality Act

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Sep 10, 2021

Adam Winkler Is Quoted in the Atlantic on the Supreme Court and the Texas Abortion Law

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