Womxn of Color Collective

Womxn of Color Collective LogoMission: We are dedicated to creating a safe space and a community within the UCLA School of Law where the unique experiences, opinions, challenges and successes of womxn and womxn of color are shared, discussed and developed. We are a collective of individuals who identify as womxn, womxn of color or allies. We are open to all people ready to engage in an open and honest dialogue about race, gender and the law. Our mission is to promote the empowerment, inspiration, and personal and professional development of womyn and people of color in the legal field.​

We begin from the perspective that the institution of law does not understand, acknowledge or make room for the experiences, opinions and world views of womxn and people of color. The institution of law further actively defines what it means to be a womxn and a person of color in a way that does violence to those identities. We seek to re-frame what it means to be a womxn and a person of color both from within and outside of the law.

We begin from the perspective that the UCLA School of Law, as an institution reflective of the greater legal field, fails to create an environment where the political and social identities of womxn and people of color are acknowledged, appreciated or encouraged. We seek to create that environment.

*We spell "womxn" with an "x" as opposed to the common way of spelling it with an "a" ("woman") because we want to assert ourselves and our views as womxn, consciously rejecting the patriarchal norms that permeate the legal field and society in general. We also want womxn to be all inclusive, welcoming members who identify as a womxn or with identities that lie in between and outside the false binary of womxn and man.

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Sep 17, 2021

Brad Sears Writes an Op-Ed in the Houston Chronicle on the Need to Pass the Equality Act

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Sep 10, 2021

Adam Winkler Is Quoted in the Atlantic on the Supreme Court and the Texas Abortion Law

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