Public Interest Courses & Clinics

Public Interest Courses

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 202 Constitutional Criminal Procedure Peter L. Arenella / Devon W. Carbado / Jennifer M. Chacón / Beth A. Colgan / David Dolinko / Kevin Lapp / Laurie Levenson / Richard M. Re
LAW 204 Arbitration Law Katherine Stone
LAW 212 Federal Courts Richard M. Re / Jonathan D. Varat
LAW 214 Civil Rights Kimberlé W. Crenshaw / Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 216 Administrative Law Blake Emerson / Jon D. Michaels
LAW 245 Drug and Medical Device Law Tarifa B. Laddon
LAW 260 Labor Law I Katherine Stone
LAW 261 Employment Law Scott R. Ames / Steven J. Kaplan
LAW 263 Employment Discrimination Law Cheryl I. Harris / David Simson / Noah D. Zatz
LAW 266 Critical Race Theory Devon W. Carbado / Laura E. Gómez / Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 267 Federal Indian Law Carole E. Goldberg / Angela R. Riley
LAW 270 Public International Law Asli Ü. Bâli / Kal Raustiala
LAW 273 International Human Rights Law Khaled M. Abou El Fadl / E. Tendayi Achiume / Asli Ü. Bâli
LAW 285 Local Government Law Scott L. Cummings
LAW 290 Environmental Law and Policy Ann E. Carlson / Sean B. Hecht / Cara Horowitz / Edward A. Parson
LAW 293 Public Natural Resources Law and Policy Nicholas Bryner / Sean B. Hecht
LAW 295 Adjudicative Criminal Procedure: Bail to Jail Peter L. Arenella / Sherod Thaxton
LAW 299 Federal Criminal Law Norman Abrams / Sherod Thaxton
LAW 318 Law and Sexuality Adam P. Romero
LAW 329 Women and the Law Shiva Falsafi / Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 331 Immigration Law Ingrid V. Eagly / Hiroshi Motomura
LAW 429 Capital Punishment in America Sherod Thaxton
LAW 452 Class Actions Lane Dilg / Kalpana Srinivasan
LAW 464 Human Trafficking Khaled M. Abou El Fadl
LAW 465 Prospects for international justice Richard Dicker
LAW 507 Labor Law and Social Policy Katherine Stone
LAW 522 Land, Dispossession and Displacement: Topics in Property Law K-Sue Park
LAW 541 Problem Solving in the Public Interest Gary L. Blasi / Scott L. Cummings / Ingrid V. Eagly / Jyoti Nanda / Victor H. Narro / Joanna C. Schwartz / Robert Bradley Sears
LAW 583 Foreign Relations Law Kristen Eichensehr
LAW 584 Human Rights and Sexual Politics Andrew Park / Lara Stemple
LAW 653 Advanced Critical Race Theory Devon W. Carbado / Kimberlé W. Crenshaw
LAW 655 Feminist Legal Theory Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 670 The Sociology of Law LaToya Baldwin Clark
LAW 690 Race, Social Psychology, and the Legal Process David Simson
LAW 691 Global Justice Moran Yahav
LAW 941 Law of the US - Mexico Border Peter L. Reich
LAW 942 Language in the Law Dieter Stein
LAW 944 How Should We Fix the U.S. Health Care System? Jill R. Horwitz / Lynn McClelland
LAW M526 Housing Segregation, Housing Discrimination, and the Evolution of Public Policy Richard H. Sander