UCLA School of Law has long been recognized for its innovative approach to clinical teaching, which transforms the classroom into a real-world laboratory through the integration of theory and practice. We have been a national leader in clinical teaching since the early 1970s, and continue to offer rigorous practical training across a wide range of practice areas. Students gain crucial firsthand experience that prepares them for future careers, learning from faculty whose knowledge and expertise place them at the forefront of clinical education.

Second- and third-year students can participate in a broad array of clinical courses that encompass all areas of legal practice.  In addition, second- and third-year students can do part-time and full-time externships, working for judges, government agencies, public interest law firms and nonprofit organizations.

Our clinical program is led by exceptional faculty—visionary scholars who have contributed the cornerstone ideas that form the basis of clinical training as well as a new generation of leaders who are bringing clinical education into areas of the legal profession that have long remained outside the scope of hands-on training.

Experiential Learning Course Listing