LAW 728

Tribal Legal Development Clinic

Indian Law

As part of the UCLA School of Law’s Clinical Program, the Tribal Legal Development Clinic provides non-litigation legal services to tribal governments. Clinic projects emphasize skills of legislative drafting, policy making, and cross-cultural representation. Each tribal nation and organization working with the Clinic will designate a person (or persons) as the liaison(s) to work directly with Clinic students, whose work is coordinated and supervised by the professor. After being assigned to a project, student teams will meet and communicate with each other on a regular basis, including through email, video-conferencing, and other communications. During the semester, student teams will meet weekly with the professor and intermittently with the project client. Student teams will develop a work product to be presented to the client at the conclusion of the course. The Clinic also includes the seminar in which students learn about tribal governments and legal systems, including their interaction with the United States’ and other governments’ systems, and the culture(s) and history of the project tribes. 

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