Recent Visitors

Ms. Alice Amini
Visiting Researcher
Country: Sweden
Master's Candidate, Lund University

Research: International humanitarian law. Civilians’ rights in armed conflicts. The rules of armed conflicts and breaches of those rules. Breaches that affect innocent civilians and their legal protection.


Mr. Kevin Kolben
Visiting Scholar
Country: United States
Associate Professor, Rutgers Business School

Research: Labor regulation in global supply chains. The Chains that Bind. Understanding the relationships between consumers and producers, and how those relationships affect private and public regulation of labor in global supply chains.


Ms. Suk Jong Back
Visiting Jurist Country: South Korea
Judge, Incheon District Court

Research: An examination of the American bankruptcy system that selects and supervises trustees and bankruptcy administrators. A Study on TRO in the U.S. with the Possibility of Introduction to Korea.


Ms. Tzili Mor
Visiting Jurist
Country: United States Human Rights & Gender Specialist Consultant

Research: The examination of how international law-based redress for sexual violence during armed conflict may unintentionally pervert “peacetime” gender equality and impact national law enforcement, practice, and reality.


Mr. Nicolas Balmaceda
Visiting Scholar
Country: Chile
Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Professor, Universidad de Los Andes ESE Business School

Research: Developing a policy to forest Chile’s capital, Santiago. Development of a master plan with due consideration to anthropological, social, legal and political factors, solving a current environmental injustice.


Mr. Michael Schillig
Visiting Scholar
Country: Germany
Senior Lecturer, King's College London

Research: The emerging European Union framework for the resolution and insolvency of banks and financial institutions, taking into account the (draft) Directives issued by the EU in this area, as well as their implementation in the UK and Germany.


Mr. Leo Beletsky
Visiting Scholar
Country: United States
Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
Adjunct Professor, UC San Diego

Research: (1) Patient Rights in the Shadow of Soviet Law: A Regional Analysis. (2) The Public Health Legacy of Citizens United.


Mr. Linping Shen
Visiting Researcher
Country: China
Ph.D. Candidate, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)

Research: A comparative study of IPO regulatory regimes in the U.S. and in China.


Ms. Hege Braekhus
Visiting Scholar
Country: Norway
Professor, University of Tromsø

Research: Family and equal opportunities. Gender equality in family law.


Mr. Jun Shimizu
Visiting Scholar
Country: Japan
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Chuo Law School

Research: The comparison of Anglo-American law (particularly U.S. law) and civil law (specifically Japanese law). The concept of constitutional rights in the common law tradition and the civil law tradition.


Mr. Francesco Bruno
Visiting Scholar
Country: Italy
Professor, University of Molise
Professor, Universita Campus Biomedico of Rome

Research: Food law, environmental law, and energy law in the U.S. and E.U.


Mr. Malcolm Smith
Visiting Scholar
Country: United Kingdom
Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology School of Law

Research: The impact of law and regulation on the issue of access to fertility treatments. The issue of access to such services for same-sex couples and the potential for discrimination in this field.


Mr. Erik Eldjarn
Visiting Researcher
Country: Norway
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Tromsø

Research: Examination of the extent to which the judge’s duty has an influence on the substantive matters in the legal dispute. Civil procedure, judicial activism, and “Materielle Prozessleitung.”


Mr. Eduardo Stordeur, Jr.
Visiting Scholar
Country: Argentina
Professor, University of Buenos Aires
Professor, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

Research: The application of economics to Argentine and Latin-American environmental law. Introducing the economic tools of America’s legal culture in the context of often inefficient environmental regulations in force there.


Mr. Jin Woo Hwang
Visiting Jurist
Country: South Korea
Senior Associate, Yoon & Yang LLC

Research: The impact of the Patent-Approval Linkage System introduced in South Korea by the Free Trade Agreement between South Korea and the U.S. in 2007 on the pharmaceutical industry from the perspective of antitrust law and intellectual property law.


Mr. Werner Vandenbruwaene
Visiting Researcher
Country: Belgium
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Antwerp

Research: Legal enforcement and the principle of subsidiarity. U.S. federalism and similar principles and related judicial doctrines.


Mr. Ali Kerem Kayhan
Visiting Researcher
Country: Turkey
Ph.D. Candidate, Istanbul University

Research: The Protection of the Atmosphere and State Responsibility in International Law. The atmosphere and responsibility, transboundary pollution, ozone depletion, and climate change.


Ms. Snjezana Vasiljevic
Visiting Scholar
Country: Croatia
Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb

Research: The “Intersection of Arms Trade and Human Rights: EU vs. U.S. Approach.” Research focusing on arms control and human rights following the introduction of the new gun control legislation in the U.S., EU and international community.


Mr. Pyung-Woo (Peter) Kim
Visiting Jurist
Country: South Korea
Partner, Suhil Law Office

Research: Researching the structure and goals of legal clinics and externship programs to determine how parallel programs could be incorporated into Korea’s new law school system.