Apply to the S.J.D. Program

Upon matriculation, applicants must have received a professional degree in law (such as a J.D. or LL.B.), as well as an LL.M. degree.


Prior to Applying

Students interested in applying for admission to the S.J.D. Program must submit a Preliminary Application Inquiry Form. This form will be available between November 1 and February 15. The form will request the following information:

  1. What is your proposed area of research?
  2. Is there a UCLA School of Law faculty member with whom you are particularly interested in working?
  3. Where did you receive your first law degree (i.e., J.D. or LL.B.)?
  4. What was your grade point average and/or class rank during your J.D./LL.B. studies?
  5. Where did you receive your LL.M. degree?
  6. What was your grade point average and/or class rank during your LL.M. studies?
  7. Have you published any academic writing in print (i.e. in a law review, journal, or book)?

After you submit the form, the Graduate Studies Committee will review your responses and determine whether our small, competitive program is a good fit for you. We will inform you of the Committee's decision within 2-3 weeks.

Faculty Supervisor

If the Committee invites you to formally apply for admission to the S.J.D. Program, we will work with you to locate a UCLA faculty member who is willing to supervise your research. (Please do not contact faculty members without first being granted permission to do so.) Please feel free to review our list of UCLA School of Law faculty members to learn more about them. Bear in mind that only a tenure-track faculty member with a title such as "Professor" or "Acting Professor" may serve as an S.J.D. dissertation supervisor. Those with titles such as "Lecturer," "Adjunct Faculty," or "Director" are not eligible to supervise.

Applying to the S.J.D. Program

Students who are invited to apply for admission will receive instructions for submitting the application form and supporting documentation (résumé, personal statement, academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and TOEFL score (if necessary)).