International Law Student Orgs / Journals

  • The International Justice Project is an extracurricular clinical program at the UCLA School of Law that pairs students with human rights and international justice organizations around the world. IJP aims to help students develop the basic skills and substantive knowledge necessary for international human rights and international justice advocacy.

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  • The mission of the International Law Society is … 

    • To educate students and lawyers around the world in the principles and purposes of international law, international organizations and institutions, and comparative legal systems, through activities that include lunch meetings with active practitioners and networking events;
    • To encourage communication among students and lawyers from different parts of the world in an effort to promote international understanding and cooperation in general, and the advancement of legal education in particular;
    • To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding, and to promote social responsibility of students and lawyers;
    • To provide opportunities for law students and lawyers to learn about other cultures and legal systems in a spirit of critical dialogue and international cooperation;
    • To assist law students and lawyers to be internationally-minded and professionally skilled;
    • To assist in and encourage the development of international career resources and opportunities for internationally-minded students and lawyers; and,
    • To engage in other activities related to the development and promotion of international law, study, and practice generally.
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  • The UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs is an interdisciplinary publication promoting scholarship in international law and foreign relations. It publishes articles by leading scholars, practitioners, and other professionals from around the world as well as student comments. Some of JILFA's issues are topical, focusing on immigration or international gender and race discrimination, and others offer more variety, ranging from conflicting approaches to technological developments, to the international criminal court, to sovereign debt crises.

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  • The UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law (JINEL) is published once a year. As the first law school journal in the West dealing with this topic, JINEL’s goal is to emphasize and critically analyze all legal issues--social, political, civil, historical, economic, and commercial--that are of particular relevance to Muslims and Near Easterners in both Muslim and non-Muslim societies. Thus: we will present issues relating to the laws of the Near East and their effects on the people and countries of the region and worldwide; we will present issues relating to the theoretical aspects of Islamic law and jurisprudence, and its application; we will discuss laws as they have affected the people of the Near East outside the region. Because the Near East is not a static geographical region, JINEL has adopted the broad policy of looking at each submission on a case-by-case basis and within the context of history to determine its relevance. Areas of traditional study (e.g., the Arabian Peninsula, the Iranian Plateau) will of course be included, yet we will not overlook areas of study that have had a significant impact on, and been acculturated in one way or another into the region (e.g., North Africa and Central and South Asia).

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  • The UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal publishes twice a year in diverse legal topics with focus on nations located along the Pacific Rim including Asian, Central, and South American countries. During the eighteen years of its existence, the journal has featured articles written by leading scholars and practitioners on international legal topics including human rights law, constitutional law, criminal law, international trade regulations, corporate governance, intellectual property law, and other areas of business law. The breadth and diversity of materials covered by the journal makes it one of the most exciting, informative, and authoritative student publications at the UCLA School of Law. In addition, PBLJ is considered to be the foremost journals in the world concentrating on Pacific Rim issues.​

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