Binder Clinical Fellowship Program

The Binder Clinical Fellowship Program offers opportunities for clinical teaching and research designed to prepare fellows to seek permanent faculty positions at a law school. 

The fellowship position typically has a two-year term. In the first year, fellows co-teach and act as supervising lawyers in existing clinics, under the guidance of clinical faculty members who mentor fellows in UCLA Law's tradition of practical training grounded in theories of lawyering. In the second year, fellows continue to co-teach clinical courses and are expected to complete a research project for publication, with research support and faculty mentoring on legal scholarship. The Binder Fellow may teach in more than one clinic during their fellowship.

Past Fellows

How to Apply

UCLA Law will be hiring a Binder Fellow for 2019-2021. The posting will go live soon at Applicants will be asked to submit a cover letter discussing their qualifications and interests, a resume, a law school transcript, brief statements with regard to their teaching and research interests (2-3 paragraphs, each), and contact information for three references.

The posting will specify a due date for all applications.

The University of California is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, and seeks candidates committed to the highest standards of scholarship and professional activities and to a campus climate that supports equality and diversity.

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