Recruitment Policy

Summary of UCLA Law Guidelines Relating to Offers to 2Ls/3Ls from Employers

The below guidelines were formulated specifically to promote fairness amid the pressures of the summer/fall interviewing season. Although UCLA Law strongly requests that employers abide by these guidelines, students are responsible for keeping track of deadlines and requirements communicated by employers. In addition, students and employers must comply with UCLA Law Career Services Policies.



Employment for the Following Summer.


Timing: 14 days to respond to written offers (with noted exceptions and extensions below).

Writing:  Offers should be confirmed in writing.

Reaffirmation: Only required if requested (see below).

Expiring Offers: Candidates are expected to accept or release offers or request an extension (see below) by the applicable deadline. Offers that are not accepted by the offer deadline expire.

Early Offers: Pre-OCI offers should not expire until at least 14 days after the last day of OCI. (For 2020, OCI's Early Interview Week is July 27-30.)

Full-Time Post-Graduate Employment -- When the Student Was Not Previously Employed by that Employer.

Timing: The above guidelines also apply to students offered post-graduate positions where the students were not previously employed by that employer. Early offers shouldn’t expire until at least 14 days after the last day of OCI of final year.

Full-Time Post-Graduate Employment -- When the Student Was Previously Employed by that Employer.


-- Offers made prior to or on Sept 9 should remain open until at least October 1 of the student’s final year of law school.
-- Offers made after Sept 9 of the student’s final year of law school should remain open for at least 14 days from the date of the offer letter.

Offer Reaffirmation 

Request: If requested in the offer letter (or email), student must reaffirm the offer within the time given, or the offer could be retracted.

How to reaffirm: Any reaffirmation requirement should be stated in the offer letter, including the firm’s policy of reaffirmation (e.g. instructions for when and how to reaffirm).  Because the purpose is for the firm to know a student remains interested, reaffirmation should be close to and before the reaffirmation deadline (i.e. not right after receiving the offer).

3 Offer Limit

Over 3 offers: Students should not leave open more than 3 offers at a time. For each offer over 3, students must release the offer within one week.

Extensions of Deadlines

Requesting Extensions: Students may ask for an extension beyond the offer deadline. While employers are not obligated to extend the offer, we hope that extensions of at least one week (7-days) will be granted upon request.

Public Interest Search: Students may request a longer extension if they are actively purposing positions with public interest or government organizations. Students may hold open only 1 offer in such circumstances, and employers are encouraged to grant reasonable requests.


Students/Employers should abide by NALP's Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process and UCLA Law Career Services Policies.