California Climate Change and Business Research Initiative

The Emmett Institute, together with UC Berkeley Law School’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, has launched a new Climate Policy Solutions site featuring breakthrough studies on reaching climate goals and creating business opportunities.  The solutions showcased on the site are drawn from the schools’ joint work as part of the California Climate Change and Business Research Initiative.

UCLA School of Law and research partners have published a series of policy papers on how climate change will create opportunities for specific sectors of the business community, and how policymakers can facilitate those opportunities. Each policy paper results from one-day workshop discussions that include representatives from key business, academic, and policy sectors of the affected industries.

The workshops and resulting policy papers are sponsored by Bank of America and produced by a partnership of UCLA School of Law’s Environmental Law Center & Emmett Center on Climate Change and the Environment and the UC Berkeley School of Law’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment.

​Ethan Elkind is the primary organizer and researcher for the workshops and policy papers. He has a joint appointment at UCLA School of Law and the UC Berkeley School of Law, and has taught in the UCLA Law School’s Frank Wells Environmental Law Clinic. His background is in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), climate change law, environmental justice, and other environmental law topics.

See a complete listing of California Climate Change and Business Research Initiative publications.

Climate Change & Business Research Initiative Overview

Ethan Elkind on the Climate Change and Business Research Initiative

Ethan Elkind, Bank of America Climate Policy Associate, describes the purposes and accomplishments of the Initiative.

Conference Videos and Slides

Report Release Webinar: Boosting Low-Carbon Biofuels in California
Slides from Legislative Briefing: Boosting Low-Carbon Biofuels in California

Biofuels luncheon slides -- January 22 2016

Stopping High Speed Sprawl: A Fresno Lunch Presentation video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Report Release Webinar: How to Boost a Market for Second-Life Electric Vehicles Batteries in California

September 19th, 2014 - Repurposed electric vehicle batteries could provide a major new source of inexpensive energy storage, but only if policy makers and businesses invest in that opportunity now. This webinar features representatives from the California Public Utilities Commission and the Governor's Office as they discuss Berkeley Law and UCLA Law's report "Reuse and Repower: How to Save Money and Clean the Grid with Second-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries." The webinar summarizes the key findings from the report, which was released publicly in September 2014.

Ethan Elkind, Berkeley Law and UCLA Law
Adam Langton, California Public Utilities Commission Randall Winston, Office of Governor Brown

Saving Public Transit: Strategies for an Era of Shrinking​ Budgets, Part 1

Saving Public Transit: Strategies for an Era of Shrinking​ Budgets, Pt. 2

More Conference Videos

Policy Videos

Neighborhood Design around Transit Stations

Mott Smith, Principal of Civic Enterprise Associates and member of the California Infill Builders Association, discusses the importance of neighborhood design around transit stations.

Best Local Practices for Infill Development in California

Meea Kang, President of the California Infill Builders Association and Principal at Domus Development discusses best practices for local governments and infill development

Local Governments Encouraging Renewable Energy

Danny Kennedy, founder and CEO of Sungevity, discusses policies to encourage residential solar installations

Encouraging Home Energy Upgrades

Cisco DeVries, President of Renewable Funding, highlights policies to promote energy efficiency upgrades for homes and businesses.

Financing Public Transit

Gloria Ohland, Policy and Communications Director for Move LA, describes innovative transit financing options.

Judi Masuda: How Technology can Improve Public Transit

Judi Masuda, Transportation Demand Programs Manager at the City of Santa Monica, explains how technology can improve public transit.

Improving Local Public Transit in California

Stuart Cohen, Executive Director of TransForm, promotes local government policies to improve public transit.