LAW 777

Patent Litigation

This course will take students through a hypothetical patent case from filing through a Federal Circuit appeal.  Students will be assigned a role, as either plaintiff or defendant, and maintain that role throughout the semester.  Classes will focus on practical skills through in-class exercises, with a mix of substantive law discussions.   

In addition to lectures, students will participate in four in-class simulations designed to develop key skills for critical aspects of a patent case: motion to transfer/dismiss oral argument, Markman hearing oral argument, expert deposition, and opening/closing statements for trial.  Students will learn how to effectively advocate on their feet and distill highly technical arguments into something easily understood by a judge and jury.

We understand that oral argument can feel intimidating, but there is no better way to learn to be an effective advocate than by getting on your feet!  Rest assured that we expect everyone to stumble and make mistakes; it is all part of the learning process.  Students will be given live feedback by the Instructors after each simulation.  

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