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  • Sunita Patel


    Jumping Hurdles to Sue the Police, 104 Minnesota Law Review 2257 (2020). Full Text

  • Nina Rabin

    Articles and Chapters

    Searching for Humanitarian Discretion in Immigration Enforcement: Reflections on a Year as an Immigration Attorney in the Trump Era, 53 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 139 (2019). Full Text Youth On Their Own (with Cecilia Menjivar), in Illegal Encounters: The Effect of Detention and Deportation on Young People, (edited by Deborah A. Boehm and Susan J. Terrio, NYU Press, 2019).

  • Kal Raustiala

    Articles and Chapters

    The Rarity of Rewards (with Andrew Guzman), 115 AJIL Unbound 221 (2021). Faster Fashion: The Piracy Paradox and its Perils (with Christopher Sprigman), 39 (2) Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal (2021). Full Text Innovation in the Information Age: The United States, China, and the Struggle over Intellectual Property in the 21st Century, 58 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 531 (2020). The Second Digital Disruption: Streaming & the Dawn of Data-Driven Creativity (with Christopher Sprigman), 94 New York University Law Review 1555 (2019). Full Text

  • Peter L. Reich

    Articles and Chapters

    Foreign Relations Between Mexico and the United States in the Nineteenth Century, 1821-1910, 23 (12) PROFMEX WebJournal (Fall 2019). (Received PROFMEX Award for New Interpretation of U.S.-Mexican Relations, 2019.) Full Text What Constitutes an Equitable Water Share? A Reassessment of Equitable Apportionment In the Jordan-Israel Water Agreement 25 Years Later (with Samer Talozi, Amelia Altz-Stamm, and Hussam Hussein), 21 (5) Water Policy 911 (2019). Full Text

  • Angela R. Riley

    Selected Articles

    Decolonizing Indigenous Migration (with Kristen A. Carpenter), 109 California Law Review 63 (2021). Full Text Privatizing the Reservation? (with Kristen Carpenter), 71 Stanford Law Review 791 (2019).

  • James Salzman


    International Environmental Law and Policy (with David Hunter and Durwood Zaelke). 6th ed. Foundation Press (2021). Prior editions: 5th, 2015; 4th, 2011; 3rd, 2007; 2nd, 2002; 1st, 1998. Mine! How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control our Lives (with Michael Heller). Doubleday Books (March 2021). Green Growth That Works: Natural Capital Policy and Finance Mechanisms Around the World (edited by Lisa Ann Mandle, Zhiyun Ouyang, James Edwin Salzman, and Gretchen Cara Daily). Island Press (2019). Book Info Environmental Law and Policy (with Barton Thompson). 5th ed. Foundation Press (2019). Concepts and Insights series. Prior editions: 4th, 2013; 3rd, 2010; 2nd, 2007; 1st, 2003. Translated into Chinese (2017).

    Articles and Chapters

    Reconsidering NEPA (with Brigham Daniels and Andrew P. Follett), 96 Indiana Law Journal 865 (2021).

    Policy Reports

    American Idols (with J.B. Ruhl), The Environmental Forum 40 (May/June 2019). Full Text

  • Richard H. Sander

    Articles and Chapters

    Fifteen Questions About Prop. 16 and Prop. 209, University of Chicago Law Review Online (2020). Full Text A Brief Comment on the Symposium Articles (with Yana Kucheva), 70 Case Western Reserve Law Review 777 (2020). Why We Wrote Moving Toward Integration (with Yana Kucheva), 70 Case Western Reserve Law Review 667 (2020). Are Law Schools Engines of Inequality?, 48 Journal of Law and Education 243 (2019). Replication of Mismatch Research: Ayres, Brooks, and Ho, 58 International Review of Law and Economics 75 (June 2019). The Opportunity and the Danger of the New Urban Migration, 53 University of Richmond Law Review 871 (2019). Start with the Micro, Move to the Macro, in The Dream Revisited: Contemporary Debates About Housing, Segregation, and Opportunity, 112 (Columbia University Press, 2019).

  • Joanna C. Schwartz


    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; With Selected Statutes and Cases (with Stephen Yeazell). Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Law & Business (2019).

    Articles and Chapters

    Lexipol’s Fight Against Police Reform (with Ingrid Eagly), 97 Indiana Law Journal 1 (2022). Full Text New Federalism And Civil Rights Enforcement (with Alexander Reinert and James E. Pfander), 116 Northwestern University Law Review 737 (2021). Full Text Going Rogue: The Supreme Court's Newfound Hostility to Policy-Based Bivens Claims (with Alexander Reinert and James E. Pfander), 96 Notre Dame Law Review 1835 (2021). Full Text Qualified Immunity's Boldest Lie, 88 University of Chicago Law Review 605 (2021). Full Text Qualified Immunity and Federalism All the Way Down, 109 Georgetown Law Journal 305 (2020). Full Text Civil Rights Ecosystems, 114 Michigan Law Review 1539 (2020). Full Text The Myth of Personal Liability: Who Pays When Bivens Claims Succeed (with James E. Pfander and Alex Reinert), 72 Stanford Law Review 561 (2020). Full Text Qualified Immunity's Selection Effects, 114 Northwestern University Law Review 1101 (2020). Full Text After Qualified Immunity, 120 Columbia Law Review 309 (2020). Full Text

  • Andrew D. Selbst

    Articles and Chapters

    An Institutional View Of Algorithmic Impact Assessments, 35 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology 117 (2021). Full Text The Hidden Assumptions Behind Counterfactual Explanations and Principal Reasons (with Solon Barocas and Manish Raghavan), 2020 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (FAccT) (2020). Full Text Negligence and AI’s Human Users, 100 Boston University Law Review 1315 (2020). Full Text Fairness and Abstraction in Sociotechnical Systems (with danah boyd, Sorelle Friedler, Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Janet Vertesi), 2019 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (FAT*) (2019). Full Text

  • Seana Shiffrin


    Democratic Law. Oxford University Press (2021). (Berkeley Tanner Lectures, edited by Hannah Ginsborg and with commentaries from Niko Kolodny, Richard W. Brooks, and Anna Stilz). Bookshop | Amazon | Book Info

    Articles and Chapters

    Back-door Lies and Promising under Coercion, Mind (Oct. 14, 2020). SSRN | Full Text Compelled Speech and the Irrelevance of Controversy, 47 Pepperdine Law Review 731 (2020). Full Text Lying, Reciprocity and Free Speech -- A Reply to Eight Critics, 38 Law and Philosophy 555 (2019). Springer | Full Text

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