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Technology and the Law

UCLA Law's courses, faculty and special programs offer opportunities for students to gain a deep understanding of the disruptive impact of technology on law and society.

Artificial intelligence, sophisticated algorithms and other rapid advances in technology are changing how people and institutions engage with each other and raise numerous vexing issues for application of the law. UCLA Law's Institute for Technology, Law & Policy, a collaboration with UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, explores the impact on advances on privacy, justice and the law. The Program on Understanding Law, Science & Evidence (PULSE @ UCLA Law) explores the intersection of new technologies and admissible evidence. The student-run Journal of Law & Technology has published leading scholarship in the field since 1996. 

Technology & Law

At the Intersection of Emerging Tech and Public Policy

UCLA’s cutting-edge Institute for Technology, Law and Policy addresses innovations that stand to disrupt steadfast institutions and understandings throughout society.

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Centers of Excellence
Centers of Excellence

Institute for Technology, Law & Policy

This institute undertakes research to learn how emerging technologies influence society, privacy, and public policy.

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Centers of Excellence

Program on Understanding Law, Science & Evidence (PULSE)

PULSE explores the connections between law and science to better understand how these connections influence policies.

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Feb 10, 2021

At the Intersection: ITLP Director Villasenor on Emerging Tech, Law and Policy

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Jan 07, 2021

Alex Alben Writes Op-Ed for L.A. Times on Trump’s Efforts to Repeal Internet Speech Rule

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