Master of Laws (LL.M.) Degree for J.D. Graduates of U.S. Schools

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree is an advanced, one-year graduate program in which students have the flexibility to enroll in one of several distinct specializations or customize their studies in pursuit of their unique professional goals.

Designed for those who already hold a J.D. or equivalent law degree, the LL.M. welcomes J.D. graduates of U.S. law schools to learn from our world-class faculty and enhance their credentials. Our robust curriculum includes advanced courses in every legal discipline and a rich array of clinical education opportunities.

Our nine LL.M. specializations include disciplines such as Business (with tracks in Tax, Securities, and more), Entertainment, International and Comparative Law, Environmental Law, and Human Rights. These specializations provide students with an excellent opportunity to develop expertise in their chosen legal field.

LL.M. students who wish to focus their studies in an area in which UCLA does not offer a specialization may opt to design their own individualized specialization. Previous students have developed specializations in fields such as Criminal Justice, Health Law, Litigation, and more.

UCLA Law is pleased to welcome J.D. graduates of U.S. law schools who wish to invest in the long-term with an additional year of legal training. Our program offers:

  • Course selection from our full range of outstanding upper-division offerings.
  • Networking and social events with students and prominent practitioners.
  • Individual sessions with dedicated career counselors.
  • Access to an active alumni network - a community of 18,000 and counting - located in cities across the nation and engaged in the full range of practice areas.

"We pride ourselves on training LL.M. students from a range of backgrounds, including from practice or right out of school. Our flexible curriculum allows students to pursue a specialization or to individually tailor their studies to advance their personal goals. Our graduates often report that their time spent at UCLA was the most enriching year of their education."
- Lara Stemple, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and International Student Programs

The application for admission to the 2020-21 program is now closed.

New Opportunities for Incoming Students

  • Advanced Oral Argumentation Workshop

    Attorneys need to plan and argue their positions to opposing lawyers, to clients, and to tribunals, in both formal and informal settings. This course develops LL.M. students' team strategy and oral presentation skills through simulated transactions and litigation. Simulations are drawn from business contract, real estate, and tort cases, and students receive detailed group and individualized coaching on their performance. Designed for LL.M. students with a J.D. degree. Enrollment limited to 16. (3 units). Prof. Peter Reich

  • Advanced Written Advocacy Workshop

    Lawyers represent their clients primarily through writing. This course will enhance students' ability to advocate effectively by honing writing skills crucial to legal success: persuasive argumentation, penetrating analysis, compelling storytelling, strategic use of authority, and deft editing. In this limited-enrollment workshop designed for LL.M. students with a J.D., students will research, draft and revise legal documents, study the rhetorical craft of practitioners in a variety of forms, and receive extensive individualized feedback. (3 units). Prof. Cynthia Merrill

  • Networking Happy Hour for JD-holding LLMs

    Grab a drink and join us (in person or remotely) for a meet-and-greet with impressive practitioners who will share insider tips for launching a successful career. Each session offers a chance to socialize with fellow students and pose questions to some of our most successful alumni from a range of practice areas.

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